a Manual of Me

explains how you do,
not what you do

Sort of like a user manual for a person, the Manual of Me is a handy guide for others to help them get the best from you at work

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How does it work?

Select the things you'd like to share in your Manual of Me

Pick from 60+ possible statements, grouped by how you'd like to use your Manual. Massively customisable to exactly what you need it for, and can evolve and change over time as your career grows.

Follow the real-world activities to gather insights about your working preferences

Handy guides help you to spend time observing and exploring how you work with real-world tasks like diaries, workshopping, creative exercises and reflections. There's no clever AI here, just you and a notebook.

Take your time to write the content for your Manual to share with others

Come back as you go through the exercises, perhaps a different section each week, and slowly build up your manual. We recommend taking at least two-three weeks to create one.

Manual of Me

For Individuals

Manual of Me is free to use, forever. It has been built to help people take active control over their future of work, as part of the Leapers project.

For Organisations

If you're interested in using the Manual of Me for your teams or organisation-wide...
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